How Santa Travels the Whole World in One Night

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When you were a kid, did you ever ask your parents how it was possible to visit every house in every country all in one night (you know, except for the homes of those who were naughty)? Perhaps they came up with something clever to tell you, like that it was magic, and the Christmas spirit, or that Saint Nick was able to accomplish such a task based on little kids believing in him. Those are all pretty good answers, but scientists now have a better approach.

Kids today don't buy that magic stuff. Children have access to the Internet, too, so they could just look up how Santa is able to travel the world in one night on Wikipedia. If they do by chance bother to ask you how it's done, though, assuming they're still at that stage where they think you the parent knows everything, tell them what scientists recently told all of us: Santa manipulates the space/time continuum. That's right--let's say it all together now: Space. Time. Continuum. Surely you've heard of it? And, if not, check it out on Wikipedia. Or ask your kids.

According to Larry Silverberg, of North Carolina State University, Santa understands how to "exploit" and bend time and space in order to cover the 200 million square miles of land to visit all the good boys and girls of the world. Silverberg goes on to posit that the wink of an eye we understand Santa spends to travel is in fact about six months. Other Santa nuances explained by science? Presents are grown under the Christmas trees using nanotecnhology and special antennae are used to detect if kids have been naughty or nice. So there you have it.

Still no word, though, on how he manages to eat all those cookies.


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