GPS Prevents Thefts of Baby Jesus

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Sure, it sounds hysterical, but leave it to modern technology to solve a long-standing problem around the holidays. No, I'm not talking about how Santa's sleigh makes it to the houses of good boys and girls the world over in one night. Rather, I'm talking about folks stealing the baby Jesus from nativity scenes. It's a more common occurrence than you might think. I can recall reading at least one news article annually around Christmas wherein a baby Jesus has been stolen from a church or school's outdoor nativity scene. It may start as a silly joke but really adds insult to injury when you think about it--I mean, seriously, you want to steal the babe JESUS?

Anyway, this year, to prevent such unholy thefts, BrickHouse Security of New York is offering free one-month leases on GPS devices to track baby Jesuses the country over should one happen to go missing. And, apparently, BrickHouse is no stranger to requests for the tiny tracking devices, although perhaps the baby Jesus is a first. Normally, they report, it's Santas and menorahs that go missing. According to the site, around this time of year the requests are comprised of %60 synagogue requests and 40% churches. The company also lends cameras that can be hidden to identify the perps.

I guess this is the season for tomfoolery, although I can't see it as the season of stealing! I doubt the thieves want anything more than the thrill of the theft and the laughs they get from making off with sacred items. Well, this year they'd better watch out!

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