Decapitated Boy Fully Recovers! (Almost)

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No, this is not a headline from the Weekly World News. I heard they went out of business, but, whether or not they're still around they would love a headline like this. Scarily enough, a child was decapitated but, thanks to the miracle of science, etc. has almost fully recovered from the near-tragic accident.

I actually teared up when I first read the details of this harrowing story. Jordan Taylor, nine, was involved in a horrific accident when a dump truck ran a red light and plowed into his mother's car. He suffered what is known as an orthopedic decapitation when his skull was separated from his neck, but, thank God, his spinal cord remained intact. Jordan's skull was reattached using a metal plate and titanium rods. Doctors then "stabilized" Jordan's head using a carbon fiber ring attached to a vest.

The child is now walking and talking and active. With youth on his side, doctors say he is essentially fully recovered. According to his mother, he plans on returning to school after the holidays. If that's not a miracle--Christmas, scientific, or otherwise--then I don't know what is.

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