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Susan Wagner Mom|Style

We're all trying to spend smart right now, especially when it comes to our own wardrobes. Mom tend to put their own closet last on the shopping list, because unlike the kids, we're not constantly outgrowing things. But that doesn't mean we need to settle for worn out sweats and suits from ten years ago. A dress can change your entire look, particularly if it's a dress that can go from day to night, or that you can both wear to work and on the weekend.

Sound impossible? It's not -- you just have to be creative. Don't assume that a dress has to be worn on it's own all the time; think about ways to layer a dress (under a cardigan or jacket, over a blouse or tee), and about what all the shoe and hosiery options might be (pumps, flats, boots peep toes). Mix and match and make your dresses work for you.

Here are five terrific dresses, all from White House|Black Market; four will work equally well for day and night, and one is the after-five dress that every mom should have in her closet.


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