Breastfeeding Still Best for Infants Despite Concern Over Toxins

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Not so long ago, mothers experienced a minor freak out over a report that noted there were toxins in breast milk, which suggested that breastfeeding might not be the be all, end all of the universe for children as we've been told. Well, despite all that, further research upholds the notion that breastfeeding is still best for baby despite the possibilities of toxins found in breast milk. (I would further that notion by saying that breastfeeding is best if you are able to do so and it's what works best for your family.)

Researchers reviewed data from three studies, two Dutch and one German, which covered everything from breastfeeding versus formula feeding to infants and mothers exposed to dioxins before birth. The results indicated minor differences in the babies with regard to levels of dioxins, none of which were considered abnormal or harmful levels. Babies who were exposed to dioxins displayed a slightly increased level of thyroid hormones and slightly decreased platelet counts.

Babies who were breastfed showed increased signs of mental development when they were tested at 7 months and 18 months. It was noted by one doctor involved in the study that breastmilk has unique properties making it a better nutritional choice for infants. It was also noted, however, by Dr. Lawrence, editor of the journal Breastfeeding Medicine, that contaminants are possible in formula made with tap water. So? Well, basically your child could be exposed to toxins either way. My answer? Do what's best for your family. Breastfeed if you can, and, if not, then use purified water (I suppose). Final analysis? Don't let one or two studies freak you out!

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