Kids' Decor Goes Multiracial!

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Picking out the right bedding and decor for a baby's room can be challenging enough in its own right, before you've even added the challenge of your new bundle of joy. For some, just picking between stars and fairies and safari animals can be a tough call. But what about when all the people depicted in the scenes of fun and frivolity are not the same color as you and your family? And what about when you look around you can't find ANY that are the same color?

One mom had such a problem, and faced the challenge head on with much success. Kisha Holt, a former teacher who is now also a mother of four in Miami, created Kisha's Kids, an online store with items for kids featuring faces of color. The site is intended to be one-stop shopping and offers everything from rugs, frames, lamps, pictures and more, all which feature faces of African-American children.

The items not only provide kids with likenesses of themselves, their seller's intention is to use them to help build self-esteem. The banner on the site reads "See yourself. Be yourself." Kudos to Kisha Holt for rising to meet the challenge in such a creative, constructive--and financially savvy--way! Her story reminds me very much of when I was a kid playing with my Barbies when it became pretty obvious to us that there was no Barbie of color. Later on, luckily, we were introduced to Christie dolls and Barbies of color. Now that we have a President (elect) of color, whose dolls are selling in their own right, I expect we'll see a lot more diversity in children's toys and everything else!

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