Daily Dish- Ransom Note Thank Yous

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Here's an easy and educational way for younger kids to be active participants in their thank you cards

Getting tons of presents is fun, but the prospect of writing out that many thank yous can be daunting for beginning writers or younger children who are just starting to learn the alphabet. Instead of wringing hands over hand writing, why not make notes the way kidnappers do?

All you need is a stack of old magazines and newspapers, a glue stick, paper, some scissors, and a kid.

Once the adult writes out what letters are needed for the child's message, it's up to the child to find and cut out the necessary letters and affix them to the paper in the correct order.

It's an easy (and recycley!) way to make the necessary task of showing gratitude a little more fun for everyone.

This week on DailyDish, we're talking about thank you notes. Check back tomorrow for another tip!


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