Lance Armstrong to Be a Daddy

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Lance Armstrong

Seven-time Tour De France winner Lance Armstrong is set to be a father again, for the fourth time. Cyclist Lance and girlfriend Anna Hansen are preparing for a new bundle of joy in June of 2009.

Lance has three other children with ex-wife Kristin Richards, all of whom were conceived using in vitro fertilization. Lance's child-to-be with Anna was conceived naturally. None of this would be very interesting, I suppose, except that Lance suffered from cancer way back when and, as a result, froze his sperm before undergoing chemo--hence the IVF with Kristin.

I'm not sure to what extent it becomes improbable to conceive naturally after having something like testicular cancer, but I assume the odds are much lower. I'd also guess that the chemotherapy might destroy otherwise healthy sperm. Hence, why Lance froze his sperm in the first place--not that he needs it now!

Congrats to the couple on their impending bundle of joy!


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