Mom Gets Christmas Surprise - A Baby

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storkEvery now and then you hear the story: A women, usually a teen or college student, gives birth after having "no idea" that she's been pregnant for the past nine months.

Most of the time, it's assumed that having "no idea" is a euphemism for "was too scared to acknowledge it or tell anyone." But in the case of one UK woman, the pregnancy really was a surprise.

Tina Cook, who (this borders on TMI) had just finished her regular period, was rushed to the ER with stomach pains. Ten minutes later, she gave birth to a son. But here's the kicker: Tina's been pregnant twice before. I always thought those stories didn't make much sense, having been pregnant and knowing how hard the symptoms of pregnancy are to ignore.

But Tina says that though her last two pregnancies were obvious, she never had any idea she was expecting this time around. "The other pregnancies I knew about. I felt all the kicking, everything was normal but I didn't feel this one at all. We are totally unprepared."

Fortunately, they are also overjoyed. I can't imagine bringing home a baby with no notice whatsoever, but this is one family that seems like they're up to the task.

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