What Do You Do With Holiday Cards?

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There's nothing I love more than getting holiday cards--they're like getting a surprise in the mail nearly every day of the two weeks preceding Christmas. I decorate my bookshelves with them and, frankly, use them to update my master mailing list as well as whom I want to make sure I send a card to next year. But, what to do with all those cards once the holidays are over? It seems a shame to toss them, even if they are recyclable (and not all cards are; check the backs and avoid tossing anything with attachments or glue-ons in there unless they're removed prior to said tossing). They're so lovely and it's so nice to know that our family is being thought of over the holidays that I simply can't part with mine. So, I keep them, in a number of ways.

I decorate with my favorite cards. As mentioned, I put them up on my bookshelves. But, you can also get some greenery and attach your favorite cards to it and line, say, a banister or your mantel with them. It looks fabulous. I also have this cute little fabric bag that is holiday themed in which I keep cards from years past for folks to look at when they come over and are waiting for refreshments or to open presents. Finally, I keep a scrapbook for the most magnificent cards. Some of the cards I've received over the years rival anything I've seen in print for beauty. Scrapbooking photocards also lets me see how my friends and their families--especially their children--have changed over the years. It's a lot of fun for both me and my friends to look through those.

So, see, you don't have to dispense with your holiday cards. Now you have good reason to hold on to them. Of course, you can simply keep them because you're a sentimental sap like me--after all, what's a holiday without sentiment? Do you keep your holiday cards each year, and, if so, do you do anything fun with them?

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