Cloud 9 - Little Red Wagon v2.0

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red wagonMy husband brought home a Radio Flyer when our first born was nearly two, a proud daddy happy to be buying his little girl her first little red wagon. I marveled then at how much wagons have changed -- plastic flip-up seats, cup holders, and safety straps included.

As modern as our new wagon felt then, it now feels positively old-fashioned when I compare it to Radio Flyer's newest wagon, the Cloud 9. In the Cloud 9, Radio Flyer marries the nostalgia of a little red wagon with today's high-tech parenting culture. The new wagon has padded seats, foot brakes, and storage containers, as well as a digital read-out on the handle and built in speakers.

This is one wagon you won't be leaving out in the rain.

The wagon is still a prototype, so don't look for it in store just yet. What do you think about the Cloud 9? Is it exactly what you've been waiting for, or has Radio Flyer pushed the little red wagon over the top?

The Evolution of the Little Red Wagon(click thumbnails to view gallery)

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