Anthony Bourdain and Mario Batali Dish About Fatherhood

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anthony bourdainCelebrity chefs and dads Mario Batali and Tony Bourdain recently sat down over a glass of wine to discuss their changing ways. This wasn't just two dads having dinner, though; it was an episode of Serious Eats' popular Chewing the Fat series. But this conversation was about more than food.

Both alleged bad boys of cuisine, Bourdain and Batali talked about their evolving priorities now that they are fathers. Bourdain, the outspoken host of Travel Channel's No Reservations, pointed out his acknowledged loss of dignity while changing poopy diapers and dancing in his underwear singing the songs from Elmo. His world view has inexplicably changed ever since that first little cry. As Bourdain puts it, "You definitely lose your heart for certain acts of thoughtless cruelty." It seems even the hardened exterior of leather wearing, globe trotting chefs can be melted by the warmth of a little heart.

This is a strange phenomenon among men: having children releases some new pheromone or subprogram in our brains that changes the way we think and, hopefully, the way we act. While this isn't as universal as women would hope, it is very common. I experienced it. I remember dangling from a cliff the first time after I had children, some thing I had done numerous times before. For the first time in my life, I had second thoughts about what I was doing. What was this strange feeling I was having? My wife later informed me it's called responsibility. I think you can see both these chefs having the same thoughts. As we know so well this time of year, sometimes a baby changes everything.

If men like these guys can change and soften, it makes you wonder what effect diaper changing would have had on world history What if every dictator had to change diapers and dance while singing children's songs before they could go to war? The world might be a very different place.

You can catch these two newly-responsible dads on their respective travel and food shows; Bourdain's No Reservations begins a new season January 5th at 10 p.m. ET on the travel Channel and Batali's new show, Spain -- On the Road Again (which he co-hosts with mom Gwyneth Paltrow) airs on PBS.


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