Divorced Mom Not Allowed to Have Lesbian Partner in Home

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gavelA divorced Tennessee mom of two was recently told by the court that her lesbian partner of nine years can no longer "sleep over" when her kids are in the home. The reason? A "paramour restriction" imposed by a judge, despite the fact that a psychological evaluation found the woman to be a positive influence on her partner's children.

Meanwhile, the woman's ex-husband shares his home with his wife of five years, who gets to "sleep over" whenever she wants.

Why the double standard? According to the ACLU, the judge thought he was mandated by law to put the restriction in place, ignoring the fact that the family had been a cohesive unit for most of the kids' lives. The ruling, which is being appealed, has forced the couple to live in a duplex so that they can abide by the law while still being able to see each other.

It's cases like this one that highlight the way that same-sex couples are put in impossible positions. Despite their long-term commitment to each other, these women can't marry. And it's exactly that lack of a legal marriage license makes them vulnerable under the law ... this particular law, especially.

Angel Chandler says she's willing to do whatever it takes to keep custody of her children, but it hardly seems fair that what it does take is tearing her family apart. What do you think?

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