2009 At-Home Mom Must-Haves

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Rachel Campos-Duffy

This year many women will drop out of the workforce to pursue their dream of becoming an at-home mom. Others may have a temporary stint as an at-home mom due to a layoff or some other employment disruption. However you become an at-home parent in 2009, the good news is that there has never been a better time! Spending your days caring for your children is a fulfilling and worthwhile endeavor worthy of your time and effort. Embrace it! But know that it is hard work that can sometimes seem thankless.

So, as you enter 2009, here are a few must-haves for veteran and newbie at-home moms alike. On the surface, some of the items may seem frivolous, but I can assure you that they are not! Taking excellent care of yourself is a challenge for all moms, but it can be especially challenging for moms who spend the majority of their days at home in the company of small children. So to start 2009, set yourself up for success by finding ways to make things easier and by making time to take care of yourself. When you don't feel neglected, you are more likely to be the mom you want to be!

1. Mr. Clean Magic Eraser. Let's you keep your cool when your toddler draws on the wall.
2. Nursing covers for stress-free public feedings. I love Bebe au Lait.
3. At least one good-looking, comfy outfit you can go from home to store or school quickly. I love Barefoot Dreams clothing. Caution! They have beautiful baby products too!
4. Quality home spa products (facial mask, bath salts, creams). Pamper yourself more often and for less money. I use Mod.skin labs line for high quality, affordable products.
5. Exercise clothes that flatter your figure. Baggy sweats just make you feel like a slug. For cheap options,try Target.
6. Organic frozen cookie dough – even when I don't have time to bake, I love to feel like the "kool-aid" mom pulling warm cookies out of the oven to the oohs and ahhs of my kids. I love Better Bakes from the Immaculate Baking Co.
7. Hands-free baby carrier. Bjorn, sling, whatever fits your body.
8. Digital Camera that you know how to work and download to the computer
9. Notebook or journal for writing down those precious moments -- nothing fancy needed. Even a spiral notebook will do. No more guilt about not writing that stuff down. Keep one in the kitchen, living room and bedroom.
10. Candles and spiritual reading by my bedside. It's how I recharge my soul! (I am currently reading "Praying with Therese of Lisieux.")

p.s. Barefoot Dreams clothing can be purchased at Nordstroms - that's where I bought it. Look online for other retailers near you.

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