Heather Mills Sued by Nanny for Naked Spray Tans

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Heather MillsHeather Mills, who divorced ex Paul McCartney in 2006, may soon find herself back in the courtroom. This time, the Dancing with the Stars alum could be facing down her nanny, who cares for Heather and Paul's five-year-old daughter, Beatrice.

The nanny, Sara Trumble, is accusing Heather of sex discrimination and intimidation. Though she was allegedly only hired to care for the child, Sara says she was asked to work late hours, blow dry Sara's hair, and give a naked Heather spray tans.

That last one would definitely be a deal breaker, I think.

Heather is, of course, denying the claims vigorously, and the pair have roughly a month to come to an agreement to keep the matter out of court. Mill's longtime publicist left her earlier this year, though, with some less than flattering things to say.

Naked spray tanning aside, if you have a nanny, how do you draw the line between professional and personal?

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