Rebecca Romijn Spoofs X Men, Pregnancy on Funny or Die

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When the mother of your child(ren) was pregnant, did it seem, at times, like she was another person? For those of you who were pregnant, did you find there were times when you just didn't feel like yourself? The mysteries of pregnancy are far and wide. (Actually, there are times when you not only feel pregnant but you also feel far and wide yourself.) Most things are explained by or chalked up to hormones, but not always. In some cases you happen to be a shape-shifting mutant!

"Mystique is Pregnant" featuring Jerry O'Connell and Rebecca Romijn by Jerry Minor

Leave it to the guys at Funny or Die, who never fail to have me in tears with laughter, have their own take on this phenomenon. Comely supermodel-turned-actor Rebecca Romijn reprises her role as Mystique from those sexy X-Men movies for the site's "Mystique and Me" skit which features a very pregnant Romijn as a pregnant shape-shifter and real-life husband Jerry O'Connell who has to deal with her mood swings. See, what's funny about Rebecca's mood swings is that they're manifested (thank you, SAT prep course!) as Rebecca, Mystique, Jerry O'Connell, or O'Connell's former Carpoolers colleague Jerry Minor ... who happens to be African American.

Mystique's main complaint of the day is that Jerry -- O'Connell, not Minor (I know, I know, it's confusing) -- has impregnated her with only human sperm, thereby giving her human babies. The nerve! And those babies are making it hard for her to shift her shape, believably anyway. The whole thing is pretty funny, but gets even better when -- wait for it! -- Rebecca finally turns into Perez Hilton. Trust me, it may seem far-fetched, but when I was pregnant there were times when I felt like the Queen of All Media myself!

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