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An open dictionary on a table.My daughter Sara turned four this past summer and still says some things in her own unique way. Like every kid her age, she has her own unique vocabulary. By this time next year, those special words will have melted away, wiped out by her increasing maturity. In the meantime, however, I love hearing them and long after they have disappeared from her mental dictionary, I will remember them fondly. So, then, I offer up my list of the Top Five Words of 2008.

Replublic (ree - plub - lick) - According to her version of the pledge of allegiance, we live in a replublic. And, yes, it's invisible too.

(skuh - BET - ee) - Those long, round, not too thin strands of pasta? Yeah, that would be skabetty. That's what her uncle called it, too, I'm told, many decades ago.

(pee - PLAN - oh) - Both Sara's maternal grandfather and her paternal grandmother played this instrument. She likes to play along with her Pa John.

Ixgusting (icks - gus - ting) - Sure, she's got two brothers who inspire the use of this word a lot, but it's generally said with more glee than actual disgust.

(zizz - zors) - I swear I will never call them scissors again. The office tool just should have been called zizzors right from the start. I think Dr. Seuss would agree.

So there you have it, the best words of 2008. Tune in again next year as my son Ezra begins talking and comes up with some doozies of his own. Until then, got any favorites from your own kids? If so, share them in the comments -- who knows, we might like some of them better than Webster's versions.

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