California Mom Delivers 14-Pound Baby

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baby feetThe last thing you want to hear someone say while they're delivering your baby, staring down at your exposed uterus is, "Oh my God!" But that's exactly what a nurse said when Richard Sault, Jr. arrived in the world.

The reason for her exclamation? Richard Junior's size -- 14 pounds, 2 ounces. Little Richard was so big, it took two doctors to lift him out of his mother's womb during delivery.

Let's all take a minute to recover from that thought, shall we?

The baby is likely the biggest ever to be born in Orange County, and his parents say he's already outgrown his car seat, as well as most of his newborn clothes waiting for him at home. Doctors blame Richard's size on gestational diabetes, which mom Sara developed during pregnancy. But baby and mom are now doing well.

Ultrasounds can often tell us the size of our babies, but they're far from perfect. Were you ever surprised at birth by a baby that was bigger or smaller than you expected?

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