Mumsnet is Latest Site of Online Mommy Wars

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woman at computerA popular group of girls form their own invite-only cliche, complete with secret passwords. The other girls find out, and, feeling left out, starting tearing down the tight-knit group. Pretty soon, the claws come out and the fur starts flying. Names are called, threats are made, until finally, a reasonable adult steps in.

Sounds just like high school, right? Only this time, the "girls" involved were not only grown women, they were mothers.

UK's hugely popular parenting and social networking site, Mumsnet, was the site of this most recent mommy brawl. As the site grew in popularity, a group of 200 women who wanted to keep things a little more intimate formed their own group called "Moldies." When other members found out, things got a little sticky.

Without being involved, it's hard to understand why tempers ran so high. (Said one user to the Moldies, "'IMVHO [In my very humble opinion] MN [MumsNet] is a better place. F*** em, off you f*** to a*** licker Moldies, don't let the door hit your a*** on the way out." YIKES.)

But I think that anyone who has spent any time on a forum or social networking website knows that people often behave differently when hiding behind the an online user name. What I don't understand is why moms waste any time at all tearing each other down. I know we all have our own opinions about parenting, but isn't motherhood hard enough?

Have you ever had a bad experience on a parenting website with another user? How did you handle it?


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