Suri Cruise Plays Dress-Up in Designer Duds

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My girls get themselves dressed every morning, which is why one went out today with striped tights and very differently striped leg warmers, while the other wore a red velor dress with black tights and pink tennis shoes.

As long as they get dressed, the rest is just details.

Tom Cruise has said that, like a typical tot, daughter Suri Cruise likes to choose her own clothes every morning, too, and prefers dresses. But for some reason, I never see her in mismatched socks or blindingly opposing patterns. Is that she has her mom's sense of style? Or is it because at age three, she already has the closet of a fashionista?

Baby Zoom

    Eyes Wide Shut
    One of the finest shots of Sunday Rose with mommy Nicole Kidman.

    KCSPresse, Splash News

    Who's that Girl?Hint: This celeb-baby always looks like a doll. At just two-and-a-half-years-old she is probably one of the youngest fashion icons of her day -- and you won't see her out of a dress. Except here. The answer comes next.

    Sebastian Willnow, AFP/Getty Images

    Chocolate LipsSuri Cruise walking on the streets of Manhattan on November 24, 2008.

    James Devaney, WireImage

    Mother-Daughter Sunglasses
    Wearing matching shady looks, actress Isla Fisher and her 13-month-old daughter Olive arrive at LAX airport on December 4, 2008. Were they hijacked by Olive's daddy, Sacha Baron Cohen, in his alter ego of flamboyantly camp Austrian fashion reporter Bruno?

    Splash News

According to Star magazine, Suri is a swag magnet. Companies send her designer clothes and shoes, hoping she'll wear them and get noticed. "If Suri wears it out in public, it becomes a big seller, so designers are smart to floor her with their wares," says the source. "She's the world's No. 1 fashion plate under 3!"

Does anyone else think it's weird that companies are sending goodies to a toddler? The only mail my kids get are birthday cards. And if this is true, do you think Tom and Katie should allow it?

Perhaps even weirder, Suri gets about 100 pieces of her own fan mail every day. Some might say that Tom and Katie aren't doing enough to keep her under wraps, but it's clear by the way they raise Tom's older children, Bella and Conner, that they're committed to as normal a life as possible for their kids.

Suri will have a fashion disaster eventually, we all do. But most of us aren't followed everywhere by the paparazzi. What's the worst thing your kid ever put on?

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