The Art of Nose Blowing

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kleenexMy father once said that one of his greatest accomplishments as a parent was teaching his children how to blow their noses. Seeing us all stopped up and miserable, wiping our dripping noses on whatever was handy, made him crazy. But it took many, many lessons and lots of frustration on his part before any of us were able to successfully get the snot from our noses onto a tissue.

I don't know if it is just the Maple family or what, but I have had only limited success in teaching my own eight-year-old how to blow her nose. She gets the idea -- shut your mouth, hold one nostril closed and blow -- but she can't seem to build up enough force to really get the mucus moving.

It has come to my attention that there is a website, sponsored by Kleenex, dedicated to teaching children how to stop the spread of cold germs. One segment is called Tissues to the Rescue and features a cartoon kid with a cold properly blowing his nose on a tissue. "Nathan breathes in, then closes his mouth and blows his nose."

Okay, this Nathan kid may have mastered the art of nose blowing, but we are still struggling over here. How did you teach your kid to blow his nose? Is there some trick to this? Or is my family truly nose-blowing impaired?

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