Mom Finds Bullet in Baby's Diaper

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bulletWhen her baby started crying during a midnight service at a Memphis church, Jewell Anderson tried to soothe her with a pacifier. But when the baby continued to scream, she took her into another room to change her diaper.

Imagine her surprise when that simple diaper change revealed the surprising cause of the baby's distress: a bullet.

Let me say that again -- she found a bullet in her baby's diaper. And didn't die of shock on the spot.

Authorities believe the bullet came from New Year's party goers outside the church, who were shooting off guns at midnight -- evidence that you may need a license and a background check to own a gun, but you still need a brain to know when and where to use it appropriately.

Thankfully, this baby gives new meaning to the phrase "dodged a bullet" and was unharmed.

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