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2009If your New Year's resolutions include cutting costs this year, here's how to save $100 a month ... painlessly. -- AlphaMom

Speaking of saving money -- Here's Kate Gosselin talking about how she juggles the family budget. -- AlphaMom

On the other hand, if your 2009 goal is weight loss, learn how to lose the weight without fad dieting. -- MomLogic

And while we're talking about cleaning up our eating habits, here are five healthy snacks that aren't so healthy. -- The Motherhood

Then again, before you make any New Year's resolutions, you might want to read this. -- Work It, Mom!

Here's a surprising finding: Lesbian teens are more likely to get pregnant than their hetero peers. Wonder why? Lemondrop has the scoop. -- Lemondrop

General Hospital's Ingo Rademacher talks about his son's unique name, Peanut Kai: "....people always end up with nicknames, so we just gave him a nickname." I wonder how Peanut will feel when he's 25? -- Celebrity Baby Blog

Thinking of taking a movie in this weekend? LilSugar reviews Bedtime Stories. -- LilSugar

Campbell's shows their support of LGBT families with a new full page ad in the Advocate. The American Family Association, of course, objects. Read all about it here. Does a company's support (or lack thereof) of an issue like this one affect your buying habits? -- Offsprung


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