Baby Born on the London Underground

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Sign and clocktower at Hampstead station of the London UndergroundI don't know about London, but here in San Francisco, people do all sorts of things on the street cars -- read, listen to music, work on their laptops, sleep, even dance. But as far as I know, no one's ever had a baby on a train or in one of the underground stations. Not so in London, England where the London Underground is the world's oldest and longest underground railway. In 1924, Marie Cordery was born at the Elephant & Castle station.

Now it's starting to become a trend, with another baby born in a tube station. Julia Kowalska exited her train at Kingsbury station, after suffering from stomach pains during the ride. Once in the station, an ambulance was summoned and it was determined that she was in labor. When paramedics arrived, they decided she was too far along to waste time going to the hospital so Ms. Kowalska delivered her baby in a supervisor's office.

Well, I guess if you're going to be born somewhere other than a hospital, the famous London Underground isn't too bad a choice. I suspect that kid will grow up to be a mover and shaker, just like the trains he was born with.

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