Baby Carriage Robbery

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A toy baby carriageSo you're driving along, enjoying your day, perhaps thinking about your destination when, suddenly, a baby carriage appears before you. You hit the brakes as hard as you can in a desperate attempt to stop in time, but it's no good -- you hit the carriage. You jump out of the car to help the infant but, luckily, there is no baby. You watch as a woman calmly walks up, picks up the stroller, and walks away, without uttering a word.

It's then that you feel the press of cold hard steel in the middle of your back and hear a voice tell you to hand over your wallet. Perhaps you briefly consider playing the hero -- making a distracting comment ("what's that?"), spinning around, and grabbing the gun, but you quickly realize that the way it would play out would be a bullet in your gullet before you even had a chance to turn around. So you hand over your wallet and get a whack on the noggin for your cooperation.

It might sound like a bad detective novel, but that's what really happened to a man in Pennsylvania. Now, I don't think one shouldn't stop for babies or get out to help if there has been an accident, but I do think it behooves us to remember that criminals are not above using children to get what they want and if a situation seems at all wrong, don't hesitate to call 9-1-1 immediately.

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