Improve Your Marriage - Get the Kids to Move Out

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A couple dancing the tangoAccording to new research coming out of the University of California, Berkeley, many couples find themselves happier after their kids leave home than they were before. I guess most people thought the opposite -- that when the kids move out, parents find themselves with no purpose and nothing to do and are thusly not as happy with their situation.

It turns out, however, that the opposite is true. It seems that couples are able to enjoy spending time together once their children are out of the way. One participant of the study explained that "Once the kids grow up ... there's some of that stress removed ... that responsibility removed, so things are a little more relaxed."

Personally, this seems to me to be a "Duh!" kind of thing. Once the kids are off on their own, couples can concentrate on the things they like to do that don't involve kids -- like romantic get-aways, hobbies, and maybe even a bit of you-know-what (nudge, nudge, wink, wink).

Would an empty nest improve your marriage?
Definitely - the kids take all our time.47 (36.4%)
Maybe - but I'm in no rush.61 (47.3%)
No - the kids are all we have in common.21 (16.3%)

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