Morning Sickness with Style

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morning sickness bagsUnfortunately, morning sickness is a way of life for many pregnant women. The truly unlucky ones have afternoon and evening sickness to go with it. While there may be little you can do to avoid that bit of unpleasantness, there is something you can do to make it a bit more fun. Okay, maybe not fun, but your regular upchucking ritual can be stylish and good-looking with Morning Chicness Bags.

These compact, disposable bags are just like the ones you get on an airplane, but way prettier. Available in six colorful designs, the bags sell in packs of 10, 20 or 50. Buy the largest quantity and that's only 55 cents a puke! Touted as a preferable alternative to vomiting in strange toilets or smelly garbage cans, the bags have a leak-proof lining and a closure clip. Even if you aren't pregnant, these could come in handy if you have a carsick-prone child.

Plus, imagine the compliments you will receive when you relieve your troubled tummy into a bag that perfectly accents the green tones in your skin!

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