Woman With Two Wombs Pregnant

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For Lindsay Hasaj's unborn baby, life began with a multiple choice quiz. That's because Lindsay has two complete reproductive systems ... or two wombs.

Because she's physically normal on the outside, the 27-year-old had no idea her about her one-in-a-million anatomy until she conceived. But an ultrasound revealed that not only was she carrying a healthy fetus, she was also carrying an extra uterus.

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Doctors say that though uterine abnormalities are common, to have two complete sets of reproductive organs is unusual. "Having uterus didelphys halves the chance of falling pregnant. There is only a 50 per cent chance of the sperm fertilising via the vagina that is ovulating at that time," explains Lindsay's doctor.

A close friend of mine learned during a c-section that her uterus is actually divided in half, and doctors discovered her healthy, full-term baby thriving in half the typical womb space. She felt both shock and wonder at the time, emotions I bet Lindsay and her husband Tony are feeling right now ... times ten.

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