9-Year-Old Saves Girl from Pit Bull

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When I enrolled my 8-year-old in a martial arts class, I did so mostly for the health and self-esteem benefits. In the class, she is learning some basic self-defense skills, but the idea that she would ever need to use those is just too scary to think about. And frankly, I have my doubts about the ability of a little kid to put those lessons into action during a time of crisis. Well, I did have doubts about that -- but 9-year-old Drew Heredia has completely changed my thoughts on the subject.

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I don't know how long Drew has been studying martial arts, but when push came to shove, he knew just what to do. The pushing and shoving occurred courtesy of a pit bull dog, who attacked a small dog he and a female friend were walking. When the girl tried to intervene, the dog went after her. Heredia jumped on the attacking dog and held it in a choke hold he learned in Brazilian jiu-jitsu class until animal control officers arrived.

Thanks to Heredia's quick thinking and heroic actions, his friend and her dog are both expected to recover. Somebody needs to give that boy a medal!

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