Fourteen-Year-Old First in Line for MacWorld

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A blue lawn chair A fourteen-year-old boy from Santa Barbara arrived at San Francisco's Moscone Center more than a day early in order to be first in line for the MacWorld Expo, despite the conspicuous absence of a Steve Jobs keynote speech. Nick Lensander showed up in the wee hours of Monday morning equipped with chairs, an umbrella and, of course, an iPhone.

Nick is no ordinary fanboy skipping class, however. He's actually a senior writer and editor at large for The MacTips Podcast, an Apple-oriented news and support website. Too young to make the trip himself, Nick's mom drove him and, yes, she thinks he's nuts. Still, she's apparently supportive of his fledgling career.

In my day, aspiring teenage journalists or entrepreneurs typed their missive and marketing pitches on old typewriters and, frankly, they looked like they were done by teenagers. Today, however, the hardworking teen can be every bit as professional as their more aged peers -- in fact, no one even needs to ever know that the big time MacWorld reporter isn't even old enough to drive and I think that's wonderful.


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