Man Sues Ex-Wife for Hiding Voice Recorder in Teddy Bear

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Divorce is rarely a pretty thing. Throw in children and custody battles have been known to get pretty ugly (Alec Baldwin and Kim Basinger, anyone?). Many times, the children end up in the middle, and in at least one instance, so did their toys.

William Lewton of Omaha is suing his ex-wife for allegedly planting a voice recorder inside the head of their daughter's cherished teddy bear! The ex, Dianna Divingnzzo, also allegedly had private investigators tracking Lewton for months trying to turn up dirt on him that would prove him an unfit parent. A judge in the case is throwing out the recordings, citing the Nebraska law making voice recording illegal unless at least one of the parties being recorded authorizes it. And, as you would imagine, neither Lewton nor the bear provided such approval.

What's more, the legal folks think what Dianna did constitutes a felony. Her lawyers, upon hearing of the recorder's discovery, dropped her! Lewton has been provided partial custody allowing him to see and take care of his daughter about 50% of the time. Others, including Lewton's fiancée and several court-appointed workers, have joined him in the lawsuit stating their privacy was violated as well. If his ex-wife ends up in prison for the voice recorder then he may get even more than that!

Moral of the story? Leave the toys, and the kids, out of it.

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