Charlotte Church Using Old Wives Tales to Induce Labor

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Charlotte Church

Remember Charlotte Church? I don't really, either, but I think she has one of those fabulous voices and is a large sensation in the UK. Well, Charlotte is ready to give birth to her second child and can't seem to get that baby here fast enough. The songstress is allegedly trying any and all means (safe ones, of course) to coax her baby into the world. According to reports, Charlotte was spotted eating curry in an attempt to jumpstart labor. Curry and other spicy foods are an old wives tale trick to get things rolling. As someone who ate Thai food throughout both my pregnancies I can assure you that the chances are slim to none that spicy food will bring on labor. And I'm talking green curry Thai, not peanuts and noodles!

Still, these notions that certain things can jumpstart labor persist even into the modern day. I remember sitting with my OB going over the possibilities, and we both had a good laugh over some of the things recommended in the past for getting that baby train rolling. Having sex is a good one, as is eating castor oil -- gross! No, really, it's GROSS -- and the aforementioned spicy food. Another one is light exercise like going for a walk.

Dont Say This to a Pregnant Woman!

    Pregnancy is an exciting time, so it's only natural that you want to join in the fun and chat with mom-to-be about her impending bundle of joy. Just watch your mouth, or you could sound like a jerk!

    Getty Images

    "Was it planned?"
    It sure doesn't matter now, does it?

    Getty Images

    "How are you feeling?"
    Pregnant women get asked this about 10,000 times a day. They are fine.

    Getty Images

    "Whoa, you're still pregnant?"
    Trust us, she's well aware that the baby is still in there.

    Getty Images

    "Will you have any more after this one?"
    This is not the moment to discuss future children -- one at a time, people.

    Getty Images

    "I think a better name would be..."
    Nobody cares. We'll ask what you think when you're the one carrying a baby around for 9 months.

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    "I can see it [the pregnancy] in your face."
    What you mean is "you have that pregnant glow," but what you're saying is "your face got fat."

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    "I know a woman who worked/exercised/etc until she went into labor"
    And now we feel like crap because we're not doing those things. Thanks a lot.

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    "You've hardly gained any weight!"
    Your heart is in the right place, but comments like this make women worry that there's something wrong with the pregnancy.

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    "Are you having twins [or triplets]?"
    Basically you're saying she looks enormous so there must be another baby in there.

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I think the only thing that will actually get labor started outside of nature is pitocin, and you can only get that in the hospital with your doctor's approval, generally when you're two weeks late. This may vary from place to place, but it's safe to say they aren't handing pitocin out over the counter. I have heard that sex speeds things along, but, really, when you're nine months pregnant the last thing you might consider is getting frisky!

Any wives tales that brought on labor you know of? Please share -- and send word to Charlotte Church!

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