Supergirl - Britain's Strongest Girl Can Lift 375 Pounds

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Zoe Smith is a typical teen with typical interests -- chocolate and staying up all night, for instance. But there's at least one way that Smith is anything but average. Named Britain's strongest girl, the 126-pound 14-year-old can lift and astonishing 375 pounds.

Zoe started lifting weights on a whim when she was 12 and asked to join a team. Now she trains eight hours a week and is a 2012 Olympic hopeful who won the British Olympic Associations Athlete of the Year award in 2008.

I can't get over her picture. She's so tiny and cute, holding those enormous weights over her head like they're made of styrofoam. (Suddenly I feel guilty about that 20-minute ab workout I skipped this morning.) Though my girls participate in a few different extra-curricular activities, I often wonder if their going to have that one big interest -- be it a sport, club, or whatever -- when they get older.

Way to go, Zoe! We'll be looking for you in 2012.

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