Detroit School Asks Parents to Donate Toilet Paper

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toilet paperIt's not unusual for teachers to ask parents to send in items that make the classroom run more smoothly -- Kleenex, for example, disinfecting wipes, or hand sanitizer. But a Detroit elementary school's recent requests are far more basic ... and alarming: toilet paper, light bulbs, and trash bags.

Detroit's school system has been in crisis, but with the auto industry trying desperately not to implode, things in Detroit seem especially bleak, even in outlying school districts.

But does the answer lie in asking cash-strapped parents who are struggling to fulfill their family's needs to foot the bill for basic building needs? Crayons and pencils are one thing, but toilet paper and light bulbs seem like they should fall under the umbrella of "free, public education."

Though Detroit school board members say that none of their schools should be this desperately short on basic supplies, their chief facilities manager seems unsurprised.

Detroit is definitely among the hardest hit of ailing school districts, but parents in most districts are routinely asked to donate supplies to their children's classrooms. Where, exactly, does the line lie between what parents are responsible to supply and what school's should be purchasing anyway?

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