Chinese Stay-at-Home Dad Wins Coveted 3 Stars

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The world's best-known restaurant guide has just discovered Chinese food.

The Michelin Guide recently bestowed its first 3-star rating to a Chinese restaurant in Hong Kong where Chan Yan-tak, a former stay-at-home dad, is the chef. What took the guide so long to discover the cuisine of 20 percent of the human race? We may never know, but we're glad that View of the Dragon and Mr. Chan have broken through the glass ceiling.
???????! (Yes we can! in Chinese)
Mr. Chan was coaxed out of the house to head up the Cantonese cooking at the restaurant located in the Four Seasons Hotel. He's worked in kitchens since the age of thirteen, eventually becoming one the country's most revered chefs. Chan then left the business when his wife died in 2000 to care for his now-12-year-old daughter.
"There was nobody to look after her," he told The New York Times. "I cooked food for her. I ironed her school uniform."
The menu features 10 types of shark's fin and eight styles of bird's nest, including one with shredded fish maw. Best of all, there's a children's menu that is divided into two sections: Up to 8 years old and 9 to 12. This is a man that knows how a child's palate develops.

There's not a cashew chicken in sight. Instead, kids are invited to sample Braised Sweet Corn Soup with Seafood, Srambled Egg with Scallops and Tomato or Steamed Fillet of Chicken with Black Mushroom. And for dessert, Chilled Milk Custard Pudding with Fresh Fruits or Chilled Sago Cream with Mango and Pomelo.

I'd say Mr. Chan's time at home taking care of his daughter informed his adventurous and unique children's menu. Hence all those stars. What's the most adventurous dish your kids will eat? Is it something you prepare or from a restaurant?

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