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One of the first things people tell a pregnant woman is this: do NOT cut your hair before the baby comes. No matter how good an idea it might seem in your eighth month of pregnancy to test out a pixie cut, don't do it. You'll be sorry.

Maybe. But maybe not.

Changing your hair is a simple way to change your look; just this week, Heather Mills -- who is still bouncing back from a bitter and public divorce from Beatle Paul McCartney -- rolled out a new 'do. Her golden locks are now short and platinum blond, which is a big change. Says Mills, "I'd actually been thinking about cutting my hair for quite a while. I hope now this is a fresh beginning."

Her new cut is flattering and sexy, and perfect for a mom who is starting over.

Mommy Hair

    Heather Mills
    The ex- Mrs. Paul McCartney, 40, recently showed off a chic new bottle-blond pixie. "I hope now this is a fresh beginning," she said.

    Nicole Sweet/FilmMagic

    Jessica Alba
    Jessica Alba recently lost her long locks in favor of a more Honor-friendly mom do. But even this practical wash-and-go look retains Alba's trademark sexy waves.

    Jennifer Garner
    Jennifer Garner's sleek locks prove that simple is still chic. To get Jennifer's look, pull growing out bangs under longer layers and anchor with a bobby pin; keep makeup clean and fresh.

    Kate Winslett
    Keep hair soft and natural, like Kate Winslett. Air dry wavy hair, scrunching with your hand, for slightly shaped waves. Don't fuss too much with this, though -- just let your hair do it's thing.

    Courtney Cox
    Want a little more structure in your curls? Take a page from Courtney Cox and roll damp hair in velcro rollers; air dry, fluff with your fingers, and you're off to playgroup. So easy.

    Brooke Shields
    No time to shower? Brooke Shields shows you how to work second (or third) day hair. Spritz roots with a dry shampoo and slide on a skinny headband; tease the crown for a fun retro look. Easy and practical and still a little glam.

    Reese Witherspoon
    Reese's sassy layered bob is a classic Mom Cut -- simple and unfussy, but still totally stunning. Best for thick, straight hair, this cut can be air dried until it's just damp; finish with a blast from the hairdryer to seal the cuticle and give it shine.

    Victoria Beckham
    No time to style? No worries! Pair Posh's spiky pixie cut with some big sunglasses and you're out the door. Use a wax or pomade to spike the edges, or just let a good night's sleep take care of it for you.

    Kate Hudson
    A ponytail is a classic mom-on-the-go look; dress yours up by imitating Kate Hudson's look. Pull your pony low on your neck and leave some chunky pieces in the front to frame your face. Twirl the front pieces around a curling iron for a little extra definition.

    Liv Tyler
    Instead of the ubiquitous pony tail, opt for a bun -- Liv Tyler's not-so-perfect updo is absolutely perfect for busy moms. Use your fingers, rather than a brush, to comb hair back; secure with an elastic and bobby pins. Slick on some lip gloss and you're set.


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