Sascha Baron Cohen Mocks Madonna's Marriage, Adoption

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Sascha Baron CohenIn the world of comedy, it would seem these days it is impossible to go too far. Sascha Baron Cohen, however, may have done just that. At last night's Golden Globe Awards ceremony he mocked Madonna's recent divorce from Guy Ritchie and the star-studded crowd didn't like it one bit. Baron Cohen, who is recently a dad himself with gal pal Isla Fisher, joked that the recession had forced Madge to let one of her personal assistants go. "Our thoughts are with you, Guy Ritchie," he finished. There were few laughs.

That wouldn't seem so bad except that he's also allegedly mocked the Material Mom's adoption of three-year-old son David Banda from Malawi in his new film. You may recall Baron Cohen did his best to offend pretty much everyone in the big screen's Borat. In his latest effort, Sascha appears as Bruno, a gay fashion journalist you may recognize from YouTube. Bruno totes a young black child named David around fashion shows, which some are saying is too similar to what Madonna has done.

Interestingly enough, Baron Cohen is featured in Madonna's video for the song "Music." No word from Madge's camp on whether or not she's ticked off, but my guess is that she couldn't care less, and I'm not sure why anyone else does either. Being a celebrity basically opens you up to ridicule, and Madonna, whose personal life is anything but personal (no matter how hard she may try to keep it that way, which doesn't really seem that hard anyway), is not different.

What do you think -- did Sascha Baron Cohen go too far by taking aim at Madonna's family?

Did Sascha Baron Cohen go too far?
No - Madonna had it coming.163 (58.4%)
Yes - he should leave her kids out of it.74 (26.5%)
Yes - this just encourages meanness.42 (15.1%)

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