Teens Suspended for Taunting Teacher on Facebook

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girls in school A prestigious British girls' school suspended 29 pupils after a Facebook page targeting a female teacher was printed and passed around. The teacher was reportedly so upset by the malicious comments made by a group called
"The Hate Society" that she required counseling.

"Dozens" of students at The Grey Coat Hospital School in a tony section of London subscribed to "The Hate Society" on the social-networking site, and school administrators said the "deeply insulting comments" posted there caused them to temporarily suspend the girls from two to 15 days just prior to the Christmas holiday.

The group has since been removed from the site.

The school is among London's finest, and graduates include children of former prime ministers and British celebrities.

One of the students who was punished said her school handled the situation "very badly" and that everyone involved knew it was just a "stupid game." She added that the girls said they were sorry, implying that an apology should have been sufficient.

Stupid game? Stupid? Call me stupid, but I think the people who are handling things "very badly" are these (privileged and entitled) girls. It's one thing to gossip among yourselves -- and girls do that -- but it is another thing entirely to write that vicious gossip down in a public medium. It's bad enough that they posted it in the first place, but then to print it out and pass it around?

The school may be a prestigious one, but its students don't seem to be very bright. And remember what your mother said -- if you don't have anything nice to say, don't post it on Facebook, print it out and pass it around school.

I mean, like, duh.

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