Adolf Hitler Campbell Removed From Parents' Home

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Adolf Hitler CampbellRemember little 3-year-old Adolf Hitler Campbell? How could we forget the poor New Jersey boy whose parents saw no harm in naming their son after one of the world's most notorious murderers? Perhaps now they are beginning to see how that wasn't such a great idea. According to Holland Township police chief David Van Gilson, Adolf and his younger siblings JoyceLynn Aryan Nation and Honszlynn Hinler have been removed from their parents' home by the New Jersey Division of Youth and Family Services.

The children's father, Heath Campbell, denied to a reporter that his children were taken and, as is their policy, the Division of Youth and Family Services would not comment. But Chief Gilson says that the kids were taken last week in the presence of a township police officer. He goes on to say that a hearing is scheduled for Thursday to decide whether the state can place the children temporarily in another home.

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    The results are in and the top baby names for 2008 have been determined according to And despite the celebrity weirdness of late (Zuma Nesta Rock? Bronx Mowgli?) average parents are sticking with average names for their offspring.

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    I can't help but notice that for both boys' and girls' names, parents seem to have lost the desire for names that express individuality. Why do you suppose that is?

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    10. Matthew

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    3. Ethan

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    2. Jayden

Gilson didn't say why the children were removed from the home or where they were taken, but says his department has received no reports of abuse or neglect.

Since the story of Adolf and his family hit the news, Heath Campbell says he has received numerous threats. I find that disturbing, but not surprising. And while I am heartbroken for these children, I am somewhat relieved. With such inappropriate names, these kids are facing a lifetime of hardship, rejection and worse.

"If names are bad because they're likely to cause children problems, where do you draw the line?" queries Laura Wattenberg of Right here. Perhaps action taken now will prevent that from happening.

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