School Lunch Mooches Cut Off

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A tray of lunchRemember Wimpy, the cartoon character perhaps best known for his long running scam, "I'd gladly pay you Tuesday for a hamburger today"? It seems the spirit of Wimpy is alive and well in Steamboat Springs, Colorado where the school district is owed nearly ten thousand dollars for students' school lunches.

In an attempt to collect some of that money, the school district has cut off students who owe six dollars or more -- the cost of two lunches. When students returned to school after the winter break, they were told they could not get a hot lunch. Elementary students were given snack foods or a peanut butter and jelly sandwich; middle school students were given nothing.

"All the elementary kids, everybody, should have known. I don't understand how they couldn't have known, because we saturated them with notices," said Max Huppert, director of nutritional services for the district. In addition, school secretaries have been calling parents to let them know about overdue balances. Some accounts had balances of a hundred dollars or more.

I understand that parents are busy, juggling kids and work and household chores, but it seems to me that if they get a few notices and maybe even a call from the school, they could slip their kid a twenty to pay for lunch.

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