Beware the Sound of Games

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Two boys playing video gamesIf you've got teens who are big into video games, especially shoot-em-ups, you might want to suggest they turn the sound down while they're playing. It seems two young men in Denmark were playing a violent video game on their Playstation recently and had the volume turned up a little higher than they should have.

Neighbors heard what they believed to be real gunshots and called the police. Next thing you know, the apartment building was surrounded by well-armed cops calling for their surrender via megaphones. The pair surrendered and were briefly taken into custody while police played a few games checked out the situation.

Luckily, the two gamers suffered nothing more than a little indignity and some lost playing time. Still, I could imagine it could have been much worse. My kids don't play that sort of game, but if they ever get to the point where they do, you can bet they'll have the sound turned way down.

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