Bratz Belt Too Suggestive?

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If you saw a girl wearing a belt with a buckle that says "Enter," what would you think? You know, right above that bit of anatomy that teenage boys are always trying to figure out to get into? Yeah, that's what I'd be thinking too. And if that belt were an accessory to an already trashy outfit? Now suppose that girl were a doll -- a Bratz doll, to be specific.

Dangerous Toys

    The New Easy Bake Oven
    New, and unfortunately not-so-improved, the oven caused 77 burns, 16 of them second or third-degree, and one that resulted in a partial finger amputation.


    When you add water to these little plastic balls, the coating produces effects similar to GHB -- the date rape drug. Pleasant. Thankfully they were recalled.


    Lead paint
    Speaking of things you shouldn't put in your mouth, how about any toy from China? Hundreds have been recalled thanks to the high levels of lead in the paint used to coat these toys

    Magnetic toys
    Particularly magnets that are small enough to swallow. When positive and negative magnets are floating around your digestive tract, they're drawn to one another, which can do some serious, life-threatening damage.

    Snack time Cabbage Patch
    This little doll was so hungry, it had a habit of chewing little kids' fingers, hair, and whatever else was unfortunate enough to get stuck in its mouth. It was quickly recalled.

    According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission: "the mini-hammock can twist around a child's neck as he/she is getting into or out of the mini-hammock, resulting in strangulation and death." All 3 million were recalled.


    Lawn Darts
    These have been banned for years in the US, as they had a tendency to wind up stuck in kids, not the ground.

    Johnny Reb Cannon
    This bad boy fired plastic cannon balls up to 35 feet. Even a pellet gun would be less dangerous -- at least you can aim a gun.

    Johnny Reb Cannon

    Atomic Energy Lab
    Good thing this atomic energy set only came with "very low-level" radioactive sources, because that's not dangerous. Oh wait -- yes, yes it is.

    Water Yo-Yo Balls
    Speaking of getting strangled to death, these yo-yo balls came under scrutiny after the stringy cord got wrapped around children's necks. They've been banned in Illinois, but have yet to be recalled by the CPSC.

That's what Victoria Staley, a mother from Orlando, FL, is dealing with now. She bought her 7-year-old daughter a Bratz doll but didn't notice the sexually suggestive belt buckle until after her daughter fell in love with it. (Now it's her favorite doll.) Then her daughter asked about it. "She's like, 'Why does it say Enter?' What am I supposed to do?"

Staley called the manufacturer but was told that the belt was designed that way on purpose. "The way he was explaining, it's supposed to be like a seat belt," Staley said. "Like how a seat belt in a car has enter, you enter the seat belt. I'm like, 'Well, you're still entering.'"

Personally, I wouldn't buy my kids Bratz dolls even if the buckle said "Study hard." But, I guess for some people, trashy is okay, but only to a point. Where would you put down your foot?

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