Did You Share Your Unborn Baby's Name?

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As you may know, Carnie Wilson, former Wilson Philips singer and talk-show-host, is expecting her second child. Carnie, who is in her second trimester, recently revealed the baby girl's name on national televisionl. If all goes as planned, little Luciana will join mom Carnie, husband Rob Bonfiglio and sister Lola Sofia in about five months.

Carnie's choice to share the baby's name (they plan to call her Lucy!) with talk show host Bonnie Hunt has us wondering what the deal is with sharing the baby name before the baby is born. Some parents think that telling people the name before the birth is bad luck. Others fear that if, heaven forbid, there is an issue with the pregnancy, it will add undue pain and awkwardness to an already bad situation.

Celebrity Baby Names

    Nakoa-Wolf Manakauapo Namakaeha Momoa
    Former "Cosby Show" queen Lisa Bonet takes top honors for now with their newborn babe. Bonet says that the child "was born on the stormiest, rainy night, so Nakoa (warrior), Mana (strength/spirit), Kaua (rain) and po (dark). Multiple middle names? Could become a trend for 2009?

    Splash News

    Princess Tiaamii
    British "glamour model" Jordan (aka Katie Price) and "former pop star" Peter Andre named their daughter Princess because it was "unique." When the name was announced in 2007, The BBC reported that Jordan had wanted to call her Tinkerbell, but there were too many famous dogs with that name. Because that's really the only reason not to go with Tinkerbell.

    Getty Images

    Jermajesty Jackson
    Amazingly, this is not a child of Michael. Jermajesty is the son of Jermaine Jackson Alejandra Oiaza. And they say Mike is the crazy one.


    Barron Trump
    The only thing that would make this name better is if it were Barron Von Trump. But alas, the middle name of the spawn of Donald and third wife Melania is William. Still, with dad's money and mom's bone structure, the kid is basically American royalty even if his name is Pubert.


    Tu Morrow
    Rob Morrow may have been trying to revive his career when he named his daughter Tu in 2001. (Tu Morrow. As in "see you") It may have worked. Though Morrow's first TV series, "Northern Exposure", was canceled in 1995, he currently appears on "Numb3rs." Maybe Shelley Long should have a baby and name her Tu. (Tu Long? Get it? Oh never mind)

    Eric Charbonneau, WireImage

    Moxie CrimeFighter
    Penn Jillette and wife Emily clearly decided that they want their little girl to grow up to be a magician just like daddy. That way she can make this awful name disappear.

    Ethan Miller, Getty Images

    Harley Quinn
    Kevin Smith named his daughter after the Joker's sidekick in Batman comics. If he and wife Jennifer have a boy they can name him The Riddler, Clayface, Scarecrow the possibilities are endless.


    b>Kal-El Coppola Cage
    Speaking of children named after superheroes, Nicholas Cage (née Coppola) and wife Alice Kim went with Kal-El, which every geek knows is Superman's real name. Little-known fact: it's also an ancient Hebrew phrase that, loosely translated, means, "My parents are rich and I will never have to hold a real job."

    David Westing, Getty Images

    Audio Science Clayton
    Son of actress Shannyn Sossamon and Dallas Clayton. You didn't realize Audio was a boys' name? For shame.


    Brooklyn Joseph Beckham
    The oldest of the three Beckham children continued a trend in the Posh Spice household wacky first name, regular middle name. Cruz David (pronounced "Cruth", since they live in Spain) and Romeo James round out this crew that could make a rap album without changing their monikers.

    BIG PICTURES / bauergriffinonline.com

Most parents, however, admit that they don't want to share the name of their baby-to-be because they don't want to hear any criticism of their choice. I think that's a pretty valid reason since people seem to have no problems sharing their opinions, particularly when it comes to anything parenting related.

When I was pregnant with my son we had a little pool of names going, with one or two top choices. We didn't share these names with anyone, and, in fact, told people that there was a pool but that we didn't really have a name picked out. The reason for this? We knew what we wanted to name our son and were very confident about the name we had picked out, but we didn't want anyone's opinion to sway our decision. Turned out most folks liked the name we went with -- Mercer -- but if one of our parents hadn't liked it we might have considered otherwise.

With our daughter, however, we played a different game. We were considering the name Zoe for a long time, and anytime anyone asked us what names we were considering we tossed out Zoe (which, by the way, was very well-received, in case you need a girl's name). To be honest, though, we pretty much knew after a while that we'd name her Everly and just kept it under wraps since -- again -- we didn't want criticism. Now here Carnie Wilson is sharing her baby's name with the whole country and isn't the least bit worried what anyone else thinks. Wish I could be more like that!

What about you? Did you share your unborn baby's name? Even if you didn't know the sex, my guess is you probably had some idea what you wanted to name your child once he/she was born. Folks say they don't have baby names picked out but I intuit otherwise, based on my own experience as an expecting mom.

Did you share the baby's name before the delivery?
Yes - we were so excited, we couldn't keep it secret!186 (46.4%)
Yes, but only with very close friends and family.85 (21.2%)
No - we didn't want anyone's opinion to influence us.99 (24.7%)
We didn't even PICK OUT a name before the delivery!31 (7.7%)

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