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american flagAre you celebrating the ushering in of a new administration with an inauguration party? Nothing says "Yes We Can" like Obama cupcakes. -- AlphaMom

They say we're the helicopter parent generation, always hovering, never willing to let go. Maybe we get it from the books we read to our children. Lynn Harris looks at our favorite children's books from a new -- and hysterical -- point of view. -- Babble

Watching celeb moms slim down mere weeks after giving birth can be intimidating. Find out what's normal when it comes to losing the baby weight in BabyCenter's new-mom survey. -- BabyCenter

Mom of three Jennie Garth wants another baby. What does her husband think? "Talk to my husband and my mom. They'll tell you hell no, but I say yes - more babies!" -- Celebrity Baby Blog

Martin Luther King, Jr. Day is Monday. Here's a great list of books to help your children learn more about Dr. King's dream. -- LilSugar

Think Crocs are too ugly to wear in or out of the house? Then these handsome Croc winter boots for dads might surprise you! -- MomFinds

Think you're suffering from Mom Car Syndrome? Check out this mom's car. Is yours better or worse? -- MomLogic

Marley and Me has been a hit at the box office. It might seem like a movie about a mischievous puppy, but find what the movie also says about motherhood. -- Mommy Track'd

Barack Obama writes a letter to his daughters, but it sounds more like a letter to the American public. Find out what Obama's vision is for your children. -- The Motherhood

Working moms depend heavily on technology to juggle career and family. But is letting your boss have 24-hour access to your life really a good thing? -- Work It, Mom!

Is your Facebook friend list getting a little crowded? You could delete a few and get a free Whopper, but then you'd have to admit to the world that your Facebook friends aren't worth the cost of a burger. -- Lemondrop

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