Plastic Surgery - Would You Let Your Teen?

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girl face handsAs adults, we realize that just like money, beauty doesn't equal happiness. But we also know that it can certainly make life easier. Perhaps that's why even in today's difficult economy, parents are still paying for their teens to have plastic surgery.

It's a controversial subject: You've got a kid with a crooked nose or big ears or tiny breasts and they get teased. Kids can be cruel and you remember that, and it hurts you to see your baby hurting. But though plastic surgery may change your child's physical imperfections, does the lesson it imparts -- that you are only as good as your weakest attribute -- do more harm than good?

I think so, in part. In today's celebrity culture, there's a lot of pressure -- especially on teen girls -- to look as perfect in real life as those Photoshopped creatures that exist only in the pages of a magazine. There's a bigger value, I think, for learning to love the body you were given rather than piecing perfection together through cosmetic surgery.

But what about corrective surgery? Is there a line between a surgery that fixes a birth defect or injury, and cosmetic surgery that just improves a perfectly normal body? I think that's a tougher call. Would you ever let your teen go under the knife to fix the way they look?

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