Japanese Dad Takes Test for Son

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Sign saying Parents want their children to do well. They also, it seems, generally enjoy the company of their offspring. Sometimes, however, these desires can lead to bad choices on the part of parents. There are helicopter parents, stage moms, and, now, this dad in Japan who was arrested trying to take pharmaceutical licensing test for his son so that his son could work with him.

The father, who runs a medicinal distribution company, had recently passed the exam under his own name. He then straightened his hair, put on glasses, and showed up to take the test with his son's identification card. Officials, however, noticed that he looked much older than the picture on the ID card and he apologized and confessed. The son apparently knew nothing of the scheme.

It's important for parents to help their children succeed and understandable that they want to be a part of their lives, but there has to a limit -- and I'd say fraud and impersonation is over the line. This dad's intentions may have been good, but his method leaves a lot to be desired.

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