Cindy Crawford Snacks for Her Daughter

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Supermodel Cindy Crawford, who by today's crazy standards would probably be considered too big for the catwalk, is determined to keep her daughter from falling into the trap of sacrificing her health for her figure. To ensure that Kaia, 7, is absolutely, positively and totally certain that it is okay to snack, Cindy goes out of her way to eat ice cream in front of her.

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Cindy Crawford "I do want my kids to see their mom eating normally," she said. "If we go for ice cream I might get the tiny size but I'll eat it. I don't want my daughter to think she can't eat ice cream." Hey, if a supermodel can eat ice cream, then so can the rest of us.

I remember an interview with Cindy from years back where she admitted to "eating" hot chocolate with marshmallows for breakfast. Yep, that's what she said. Seems to me perhaps she's trying to make up for some bad habits from her past, as well as protect her daughter and son Presley, 9.

Well, Cindy -- good luck. In a world where they make onesies that ask "Does this onesie make me look fat?" Crawford, and all parents, have a serious challenge ahead of them. We're largely responsible for shaping our children's body image and eating style.

All said, though, don't you think it has to be a little hard on a young girl to have the gorgeous Cindy Crawford as her mom?

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