Grandma Bites Baby

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Toy chattering teethIt's an old joke -- "Dog bites man" isn't news; "Man bites dog" is. In a similar vein, a baby biting her grandmother is no big deal, but a grandmother biting her infant granddaughter -- well, that's news. And so we have the case of Penny L. Huston who is being charged with two felonies after having allegedly bitten her granddaughter's shoulder.

Huston claims she is innocent and says the proof is in her mouth -- or, rather, isn't in her mouth; she says it's obvious she couldn't have bitten the six-month-old "due to [Huston] not having enough teeth." A police officer, however, who examined and photographed the grandmother's mouth, says that the gaps in her teeth may indeed match the wound. Huston also suggested that either the baby bit herself or that the family dog did it.

The girl's mother left the baby with Huston for about three hours on January 12 when the incident occurred. It seems that if Huston really didn't want to watch the kid, she could have just said so instead of biting her. It would have made life a lot easier all around.

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