Kids Don't Appreciate Their Parents Until Age 22

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teen with dadTeens think they know everything -- it's a common complaint. But if you're looking for a little appreciation for all of your hard work and parental wisdom, you're in for a long wait. A British market research survey recently found that children don't start to appreciate their parents until age 22.

It makes sense, after all. When kids are small, you are the center of the Universe, but once they hit those teen years, friends and peers become a more important influence. Which means you are at risk of becoming, you know, chopped liver. Suffocating, style-cramping, why-can't-you-just-leave-me-alone chopped liver.

The survey suggests that once kids are out on their own and no longer under their parent's rule, they can quit testing boundaries and start appreciating Mom and Dad again. If you're the parent of a currently unruly teen, consider this your silver lining. Eventually, in not too many more years, they'll realize you really did know best.

Are you a parent of a teen? Share some tips with us on how you keep them close without pushing them away.

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