Kids Stop Killer With Baseball Bats

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A would-be killer armed with a handgun is no match for a pair of eight-year-olds with baseball bats.

Listen to this one: After his girlfriend broke up with him, Charles Arby Bradley of Gainesville, FL, tried to reconcile, but she wasn't having any of it. Each time she turned him down, however, he threatened her with violence. Scary, right?

Brave Kids

    Kids Stop Killer With Baseball Bat
    A would-be killer, armed with only a handgun, is no match for a pair of eight-year-olds with baseball bats.

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On Sunday, Bradley came up behind the woman as she was leaving her home, hit her in the back of the head with a handgun, then stuck it in her face and threatened to kill her. I don't like where this is heading, either.

But here comes the heroes. The woman's eight-year-old son and his friend were watching the whole thing. They didn't just watch, however. Using baseball bats, they attacked Bradley and chased him off. They then went to the police to report the incident and Bradley is now in custody.

How would you feel if your young child came to your rescue? Relieved? Guilty? Both, and more?

I wouldn't normally suggest hitting an armed man, especially while he's threatening to kill someone -- and double especially if you're an 8-year-old kid -- but it seems to have worked out for the best in this case. Those are definitely two brave boys and I hope the woman took them out for as much ice cream as they can eat or something even better. Good job, boys!

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